Montessori in Iowa

The Iowa State Board of Education is scheduled to consider an application from the American Montessori Society to be approved as an independent accrediting agency for Iowa nonpublic schools at 1:45 pm today.

The Department of Education has recommended that the Board approve the application and “grant AMS authority to accredit nonpublic schools in the state of Iowa.”

A Montessori presentation was made at the April 11th meeting of the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners. From the Board minutes (page 5, lines 8-12):

The board will further discuss Montessori programs, including practitioner preparation, licensing and nontraditional preparation options. There will also be future discussion about the possibility to adopt criteria for Montessori education program practitioner endorsements.

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HF 2045 Subcommittee Assigned

HF 2045 has been assigned to a subcommittee:

  • Dolecheck (R-Ringgold), Chair
  • Mascher (D-Johnson)
  • Rogers (R-Black Hawk)

The subcommittee members represent counties that have at least six Montessori programs between them.

All bills must be reported out of committee by the first funnel date, Friday, February 21st.

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Montessori Bill Filed

A Montessori bill was filed in the Iowa House today by Kaufmann (R-Cedar).

HF 2045 relates to Montessori programs, and would have DHS adopt rules prescribing standards and procedures for approval of Montessori training organizations, would have the Iowa Department of Education add a Montessori accrediting agency to the approved list of independent accrediting agencies, and have the BOEE adopt criteria for a Montessori endorsement and an option for nontraditional preparation for the Montessori endorsement.

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Directors to Visit Montessori School

We are pleased to announce that Iowa Department of Education Director Brad Buck and Iowa Board of Educational Examiners Executive Director DT Magee are scheduled to visit Montessori Children’s Garden in North Liberty on Wednesday, January 29th.

We are excited to have this opportunity to raise awareness about, and share our enthusiasm for, Montessori education.

Thanks to Montessori Children’s Garden for hosting this school visit.

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Parents Meeting

Parents of current and former Montessori students are invited to meet with ICCSD Superintendent Steve Murley at Montessori Children’s Garden on Monday, April 7th at 6:30 pm.

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Getting a Look at Montessori

The National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector is producing a series of videos illustrating key elements of Montessori:


Hands On Learning

Teaching as Guidance





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Montessori Links: Education for the 21st Century

Montessori: The Secret Is Out:

In 1936, Maria Montessori famously wrote, “Within the child lies the fate of the future.”   The future she imagined was one in which the Hoover Dam was a modern wonder.

Not far from a century later, we are only just beginning to discover the potential of the innovative teaching practices of one ground-breaking educator who was looking for ways to serve the needs of Rome’s children of poverty.

5 Characteristics Connecting Montessori Ed & the Digital Learning Movement:

  1. Individual Learning Progressions & Competency-Based Learning
  2. Elimination of Age and Grade Restrictions
  3. Formative Assessments & Short Feedback Loops
  4. Non-traditional Teacher Roles
  5. A Global Citizen Perspective

The single most innovative concept in education is at least 100 years old:

[I]magine a system of education customized specifically for you and your individual needs. A system of education that responds to your abilities, and follows your interests. That sounds pretty amazing, right? Well, it happens on a daily basis, in Montessori schools throughout the world.

Montessori For All:

Montessori For All endeavors to open and lead free, high-performing, authentic Montessori schools that partner with families to help children in diverse communities reach their extraordinary potential intellectually, emotionally, socially, creatively, and physically, so that they can pursue lives full of meaning and joy.

Montessori For All: Our Approach:

The Montessori approach to education spans six continents and has thrived for more than one hundred years by cultivating:

  • self-direction
  • independence
  • confidence
  • innovation
  • problem-solving
  • collaboration
  • rigorous academic achievement
  • constant learning
  • perseverance
  • peace

In our country, there are more than 4,000 private Montessori schools helping thousands of affluent children join the creative elite.

Sadly, there are only about 400 public Montessori schools.

Montessori For All seeks to change that. We believe that the quality of our educational opportunities should not be determined by our families’ incomes and that all children deserve the chance to reach their enormous potential.

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Parents Meeting

Update: We have rescheduled for Monday, April 1st.

Parents of current and former Montessori students are invited to meet with ICCSD Superintendent Steve Murley on Monday, March 4th at 6 pm at the Montessori Children’s Garden in North Liberty.

The Superintendent will discuss future growth issues that the District will face and how and where Montessori may fit into that process.

Parents will have an opportunity to comment and ask questions.

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Director Glass Visits Montessori Children’s Garden

We are very pleased to have welcomed Iowa Department of Education Director Jason Glass to Montessori Children’s Garden in North Liberty today.

ICCSD Superintendent Steve Murley and Chief Operating Officer David Dude also attended the visit.

It was a great opportunity for us to share our enthusiasm for Montessori, answer questions, and continue our advocacy for public Montessori programs in Iowa.

Director Glass was a terrific guest and we enjoyed meeting with him today.

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Superwoman Was Already Here

A Montessori video from

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